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This is an office building in Mountain View, CA.

Last Post: Office building shot with fisheye lens

This is late in the evening in Mountain View, CA. I wanted to catch the warm color's.

Last Post: Looking through fisheye lens

Any old structure's, bridge's, houses, whatever.  Ghost town's too.

Last Post: Old dry-docked boat

Unusual kite's.  There are a lot of them out there.  It would be interesting to see some of them.

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Any kind of landscape.  Wood's, hill's, mountain's etc.

Last Post: Low hanging cloud's and wind blown tree's

I don't know the year of this car, I just know that it is very old.  Shot this photo at a car show.

Last Post: Very old, Oldsmobile

Patriotic statue's, and structure's are very moving.  I personally love them.

Last Post: This is about a soldier cradling a baby

I shot this both in the day time, then again at night, to see the difference.  I shot them both with my fisheye lens.

Last Post: day shot of building

This is about what you consider to be a unique building/structure.  Living here in Silicon Valley, I see some really unique one's.

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This is a hairless dog, to me it look weird.  I have never seen one before.  It was a very friendly dog.

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